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Freezing Fun For Families
2017 Beneficiaries
Meet Carissa Francis. Carissa is 3 years old, turning 4 in March, and was diagnosed in May 2016 with Stage IV Metastatic Wilms Tumor. Since May she has undergone radiation on her stomach and lungs, as well as chemo therapy. When I met with her and her family on December 13 she was back in the hospital and being treated for an infection that arose after her last round of chemo. Spending nearly 30 more days in the hospital can be trying on anyone, especially a young girl who was ready to get home for Christmas. Carissa splits time with her mom Brittany in Colchester, VT and her dad Tyler in Fletcher, VT. Carissa is a vibrant young lady and we are happy to have her and her family join our family at  Freezing Fun For Families.
Jaelyn is 10 years old and when she's not at the hospital in Burlington, she lives with her mom and mom's fiance in Barre. In May 2016, Jaelyn fell in gym class at school and was left with a noticeable limp. After a few weeks of not getting better Jaelyn went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Since her June 1st diagnosis, Jaelyn has had an up hill battle. Having surgery on her leg, a full leg cast since September (with about another 6 months to go), enduring chemo therapy, and to top it all off ended up back in the hospital on Christmas Day due to a fever. Jaelyn's mom, Amy, has struggled to balance work, still being a mom to Jaelyn's siblings, and running back and forth to the hospital. We are happy to have Jaelyn and her family join our family.